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  • Zion Shall Be Redeemed By Justice

    I got a message yesterday with an urgent request from a friend. A prominent Anabaptist pastor had addressed child sex abuse on his widely-read Facebook page, and the discussion that followed was taking a dark turn. Could I address some of the harmful myths being peddled there and lift up God’s perspective on abuse and […]

  • Thoughts in the Summer of the Virus

    Thoughts in the Summer of the Virus

    As the biggest global catastrophe of my lifetime lurches ahead with no close in sight, at least one thing has become clear amid the fog of war: we need to get better at responding to crisis, and fast. In the USA, most of us now alive have enjoyed a lifetime of political and economic stability […]

  • On Beyond Zebra: The Way of Jesus and the Tyranny of False Dilemmas

    This morning a friend shared a comment he had found in a random discussion and which encapsulated well the false dilemma too many Christians imagine they face: shall we retreat from the world and hide out until doomsday, or shall we infiltrate its corrupt political systems to force change from the top down by always […]

  • Treason Is the Reason: Advent in the Shadow of Dread

    Silver bells, angels, white snowflakes drifting down, chestnuts roasting on an open fire—for many in the United States, Christmas season evokes deep nostalgia, cozy family traditions, a pause to reconnect with our faith and our deepest values. Christmas brings people together for a little while, even as traditional religion declines and chronic, vicious culture wars […]

  • What We Are

    Warning: mild political incorrectness ahead. A jaded European businessman flying from JFK to Heathrow found himself seated next to a girl of seventeen on her way to visit her mother’s relatives in the South of England. Now this jaded businessman was prone to malice in moments of boredom, and as his luck would have it, […]

  • Whoever Has Seen Me . . .

    Thoughts shared recently with a brother who believes the purpose of Christ’s death was to satisfy God’s righteous need for vengeance on sinners: The scriptures you quoted are precious to me, too; Isaiah 53 has the power to bring me to tears. I am not sure how you interpret them, but I gather you feel […]

  • Thoughts in Mourning

    Yesterday, after many months of stalling and delays, the Senate intelligence committee released the executive summary of a report on the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation tactics” on suspected terrorists after 9-11. Though much was not new to me, the extreme details revealed in yesterday’s report left me feeling shell-shocked. For years it has been […]

  • Greetings

    Welcome to the first post on this site. I’ve finally set up my own site at my own domain, as I’ve dreamed of doing for years. I’ll be writing stuff here sometimes. Check back.

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